A legacy gift is the best way of ensuring the long term perennity of your orchestra. Indeed, wills are more than just a legal document to distribute your personal assets. They are also a powerful tool to make an impactful change in the world. All planned gifts are welcome and encouraged:

Designating OCM as the beneficiary of your:

Your generosity will ensure a legacy of great music and community engagement for many years to come.

We acknowledge and deeply thank those donors who have chosen to support OCM in this meaningful and touching way:

Margarita Ciurana

Honey A. Dresher, in memory of her parents, Matthew and Fritzie Dresher

For more information on leaving varieties of legacy gifts, we recommend visiting the website of Canadian Association of Planned Giving (CAGP)‘s initiative ”Will Power.” Their website has simple tools to guide Canadians through the process of leaving a charitable gift in a will, and to help you better understand the impact they can make.

The Will Power initiative reminds Canadians that you need not choose between your family OR a cause you care about, but that  you have the power to use your will to support both your family AND the causes you care the most about. 

If you are ready to discuss a Legacy Gift with us, please contact us.

(514) 487-5190
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