The Music for Everyone Initiative

At the OCM, we believe in celebrating inclusivity and diversity by making our concerts accessible to everyone. In 2018, our organization launched this very important initiative, Music for Everyone, with the goal of making the magic of music accessible to all. Thus far, we have touched well over 1,000 people through this initiative and the number keeps rising with each performance.


The OCM collaborates with a variety of Montreal organizations which facilitate the integration of new immigrants. The goal is to further aid this integration by offering our new Canadians complimentary tickets to OCM concerts. Music and culture are one of the best forms of integration into society.


The OCM offers complimentary tickets to all of our performances to a variety of social causes and organisations, further enabling support through culture.


To encourage attendance from students in all fields, the OCM maintains student tickets price at a flat-rate of $15 for the majority of our concerts.


To make music accessible to seniors who otherwise would not be able to attend our concerts, we have created a string quartet, the Quatuor Classique. The quartet regularly presents mini-concerts in a variety of retirement homes as well as long term health care centres. We are grateful to collaborate on this effort with the SAMS (Société pour les arts en milieu de santé).



We celebrate diversity in our orchestra, our soloists, our team, our Board of Directors, and our public. It is an important mandate to continue conceiving creative projects and programming which reflect and celebrate the various Montreal communities. We want the audiences in our concert hall to reflect the multitude of diverse communities of our city. OCM’s Director of Marketing & Box Office, Faly Ratsimandresy, comments:
“As a recent immigrant to Canada, I am very proud that our organization is taking action to welcome and encourage diversity. The only way to succeed in keeping our orchestra and classical music relevant is by including and representing the entire landscape of our amazing city, province and country”

Music For Everyone

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