Our Mission

The mission of the OCM is to present the highest quality performances, collaborate with a variety of cultural organizations, promote music education, and champion Quebec, Canadian, and Indigenous talent. The OCM is committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility for all.

Our Vision

To inspire and educate people and communities through the power of music, and to be a leader in championing Quebec, Canadian, and Indigenous talent and music.

Our Values

Excellence & Creativity – The OCM values quality and individuality in every musician and every performance, culminating in musical excellence while offering creative and diverse programming.

Discovering & Fostering Talent – The OCM believes in fostering the legacy of Quebec, Canadian, and Indigenous musicians, composers, and soloists to build and sustain a strong cultural identity.

Education – The OCM believes in building and inspiring minds of all ages by engaging them in the experience of live music.

Accessibility – The OCM fosters accessibility through its welcoming atmosphere, its community engagement, and by maintaining its digital presence.

Diversity – The OCM believes in celebrating diversity to reflect and honour Montreal’s multicultural landscape.

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